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I'm VP of the MC Steel Renegades...

When we come under attack we don’t know who we’re up against.

The only thing we do know is that a man with a snake tattoo on his hand is killing our brothers. He wants us dead but why we don’t know.

Then she shows up. Who she is and what she wants we don’t know yet but we will.

When her secrets are revealed she holds a piece of the why and the who, can we figure out the rest of it before its too late? Our lives depend on finding those answers.


I’ve stayed hidden for too long but now its time for me to come out of the shadows. I came here to find out about my brother, he died a long time ago and I never really knew why. I came to find answers.

The MC finds me after a fire and shots ring out but I didn’t have anything to do with either. I never realized the MC didn’t believe me. I always thought I would be innocent until proven guilty, guess that didn’t work here

Its only after I tell them about my brother do they stop looking at me like I’m guilty.  When they tell me what they are dealing with I realize I might be part of the reason they are under attack.

I might actually know who the man with snake tattoo on his hand really is and I don’t think they’re going to like what I have to say, but I’m in just as much trouble as they are, that bastard wants me dead too. Only he thinks I’m dead already.