Silas & Midge-Lost-Sons-MC-Special-Edition-Single

Silas & Midge-Lost-Sons-MC-Special-Edition-Single

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“You don’t go messin’ with my man or his ride.”


I’m an old man rather set in my ways, but now I got myself a woman who’s just plain stubborn as I am. Never met a woman like her before.  She brings something back into my life I had no idea I was missing. Joy, laughter, love, and her own brand of crazy.

But her latest jag is becoming more than I can handle. I’m a biker man, not a f*ckin’ farmer. I don’t mind the garden but the animals? That’s something altogether that I need to put my foot down about. Things are slowly in a hurry going off the rail.

The only problem is the dang woman doesn’t listen to a word I say. Well bucko, that stops today… Or my name isn’t Silas Armstrong Young. I rule this little patch of ground and I’m putting my foot down hard…


I’ll be the first to admit I have a stubborn streak a mile and half wide. I’ve always been that way. And while I’m an older broad now, I still like things done a certain way.

When Silas married me, he told me his ranch was my ranch too. After the honeymoon, I began to make subtle changes that he sort of went along with. He was okay with the garden, the dogs, and even the barn cats, the real problem came when I got the chickens. And don’t even ask about the goats… that’s a whole other story…