Silk & Bones #1 Single

Silk & Bones #1 Single

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Silk and Bones

Book #1 Sin's Bastards MC 


Sam A.K.A. Bones

He's too old to start over now. She's too young for him, only half his age but he won't let her go once he's tasted her. Sam has never been a forever kind of guy but he wants that with her.

She's running for her life until she meets Sam and now, he won't let her run anymore.

Will her stand for freedom end her life or give her a fresh start with him? He has to find out.


She's young in some ways and older in others. Growing up in the system does that to a person. Then she meets Sam and he makes it hard for her to keep running. He gives her the courage to fight for her life.

Then the one man she never knew comes looking for her, can she face another trial? Can she finally face her father?

Is there a chance for a happy ever after for her and Sam?