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I belong to the Brothers of Chaos MC and I’m one of their Road Captains. I protect my president when he’s on the road but I do more than that. I protect every brother in the MC.

We’re just now finding out about the truth of what happened when we lost one of our own when the pres lost his lady and their girl. Our MC had been under attack back then when we believe a lie back then.

We struck back and uncovered the real reason we had lost our first lady, it was bigger than we ever knew. Now we have to wage a war no one can win.

Then she comes looking for her uncle. Her name is Star and she doesn’t know it yet, but she’s mine. Come hell or high water she belongs to me.

I’ll die for her, I fight beside her, but the one thing I can’t do… is give up on her


My name is Stella Tamera Annaleise Rain. That’s the label my mama gave me but I forgave her for that. I never knew my father but I don’t think she did either. Don’t judge her, she was a free spirit before I was born.

I am not however. Our life was never an easy one but she loved me. I never doubted that. Then she got pulled into Odin’s MC and that wasn’t a good thing. She didn’t want to be there but he wouldn’t let her go. She protected me the best she could, then came the day she gave her life for mine.

I knew I had an uncle out there somewhere I just had to find him. I had to warn him. Odin was coming for the MC my Uncle Mitch had founded. I found him at the Brothers of Chaos compound.

Then I found one of the brothers named Sinner and suddenly, I understood my mother’s free spirit. I didn’t want to leave him even under Odin’s threat… I just can’t.