Sinners MC-Boxed Set#1

Sinners MC-Boxed Set#1

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Every Saint has past... and every Sinner has a future


When I stand here and look over the brothers in my club, I know I’m home. These men are my true brothers and I don’t miss the life I had before I came here.


As VP of the Sinners, I have to listen to the talk on the streets. When I hear rumors about a threat out there, I hear more than just the rumors


I belong to a brotherhood that is more than just a brotherhood, we are a family where loyalty means everything. We’ve seen a lot and done even more but we protect our city, our brothers, and our families.


I’m a Road Captain in my MC. It’s my job to protect my brothers and I do it very well. When my pres and his VP both find the one woman in the world for them, I want what they got too. I want my happy ever after.


The Sinners are my family and I belong here. I like to ride through the streets of Boston in the middle of the night. I feel totally alone and that settles the chaos of the day.


I was finally on my way back home to Boston. When leaving Norfolk, I’d witnessed a hoard of the Triad boarding a boat. Not wanting to get involved, I kept going, only to be stopped by a woman on the road a couple of miles away.