Snowman & Eden-Brothers-Of-Chaos-Single

Snowman & Eden-Brothers-Of-Chaos-Single

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I’m old school and I admit it, there’s snow on my roof but over the years, I learned a lot about this thing we call life. My mama, bless her soul, taught me manners and other shit like that, but my daddy taught me not to take any shit off nobody. He taught me how to fight and stand my ground against bullies. He also taught me to protect women and kids and over the years, all those lessons have been played out.

Then Ms. Eden comes looking for my president’s woman cuz some dirtbag burned her house down. Well, that doesn’t sit very well with me. She has to go back, so her land doesn’t get sold underneath her. Oh, did I mention I hate bullies? This one is in for a world of hurt when we get back to her place. He better set his affairs in order cuz this Snowman don’t mess around.


When a man who’s been after my dad’s land for fifty years, finally burns my house to the ground because I told him no again, for the thousandth time, I go to find my friend Shelby. She helped me once before and I need her strength to finally knock this guy down a peg or two.

What I end up with is a Snowman, a man of little words but boy can that boy say a lot without opening his mouth at all. When we get back to the homeplace, I find I had help all along. Six young men I’ve helped from time to time over the years are back and they’ve been holding down the fort in my absence. I call them my boys, not because I gave birth to them but because they regard me as the only one that cared whether they were dead or alive. I don’t know what the future holds but I want a certain Snowman in mine and I want my boys nearby too.