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When we hit the cartel in Laredo we hit it hard, but we left one of them alive. Now we’re hunting him down. Javier Brago is the only man left. We have to find him and stop him cold.

We’ve taken out their labs and their tunnel under the Rio Grande River. We’ve taken out the street gang they used to distribute their drugs. We got their main chemist and we took one of their daughters as one of our own.

We know we didn’t stop the cartel altogether, that would be impossible but we did slow it down a lot, or at least we think we did…but maybe not as we are about to find out.

We found her in the rubble of a blown up building, barely alive. She tells us she was tracking Carmen Brago in the hopes of finding her brother, who was supposed to be with Carmen at the time the building went up. Whether he was there as a friend or a foe we have yet to find out, but she tells us the cartel has other ties we need to stop as well.


I was following Carmen in the hopes of locating my brother and getting him the hell out of trouble. We didn’t know anything about the deal the cartel had forced on our dad until it was too late to stop it. The deal had been signed in my dad’s own blood and when he died in my arms, I had to try to find and get my brother back.

When Carmen was blown to hell I was glad, but that didn’t bring my brother back, I had to find him. He was all I had left.

Then I met the Soldiers of Hades and learned of their fight against the cartel. There was so much more to the cartel than just the drugs. If we could find my brother, we could hurt the cartel with a major loss of income they would need without the drug money they lost. I had to try.