Stone Cold Sin's #6 Single

Stone Cold Sin's #6 Single

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Stone Cold

Sin's bastards MC Series

The Priest & Sawyer also Star in this Story

Book #6


Bane comes back and this time, he wants something of her father's. A pair of daggers from the time of knights and kings.

She refuses to give them to him and the battle of wits has begun between them.

But the stakes are too high for Cricket to give in.

She holds out until her brother Michael changes the rules by taking her and a baby hostage.

Can the MC save them both?


When he meets the daughter he hasn't seen in twenty years, she's in trouble and running for her life.

Then he learns Sawyer's story and the lie her mother told him twenty years ago. But now it's too late, her mother is gone and he's lost his chance to find his love again.

He can still make it up to his daughter then things change when it comes to light that his wife Jolene is still alive. She just can't remember anything because of a beating she took.

Then they find out there is someone hunting either Jolene or Sawyer for information on a missing icon. Jolene can't remember anything and Sawyer gets kidnapped by a man they call the Priest.

Can they trust a killer's word  that she won't be hurt if he gets what he wants from her?