Stormy-Devil's Own MC-#1-Single

Stormy-Devil's Own MC-#1-Single

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When trouble comes to our little town, we all have to work together to find the answers we need. Only the deeper we dig, the more crap we find. We find out the one man every one thinks is good, is bad to the bone.

We hate the drug trade and he’s the biggest dealer in the area, he’s even tight with the cartel. We have to stop this guy, but we can’t do it on our own so our President calls in some pretty big guns and man, they light up the sky like fireworks.


I’ve worked hard to get where I am and the one man who could have helped us, just never did. After my mom died, he kicked me to the curb and I knew I was better off. Then people in our town forgot he was my uncle and that worked to my advantage.

I opened my bakery and life was good, for a little while. Then Stormy came running in just as someone in the streets shot out my windows. He took me back to the compound for my own safety while they began to dig into the shooting. When I told them about my uncle, they got real interested for a host of reasons.

Then they call in someone powerful enough to help and I have a front row seat to a show I will never forget. And in the end, I got Stormy…. Best deal ever.