Talon- Princes Of Hell MC-#1-single

Talon- Princes Of Hell MC-#1-single

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Princes Of Hell

He’d been born a Prince, but he had to earn his place in the MC.


The Princes of Hell had raised him, had taught him the ways of the MC. He’d grown up running the streets with the men his dad called brothers. Now he was the VP. After the death of the MC founder, their MC was now facing threats of a takeover and a debt owed to the Bratva Mob. His MC Life just couldn't get more edgy... or could it?

Years ago, he met her and his life changed forever. The one woman he could love and then he lost her. He had to live with the fact that the MC would be his life and there was no room in it for his woman. He’d vowed to her that if Fiona ever needed him, she could call and he would be there.

Five years later...that call came.


She was in trouble. Bad trouble. She made a mistake and now it might cost her… her life. Fiona found herself with a choice that was impossible. Let a madman take her son and possibly kill her or make the call she dreaded to make. To have to take her son to an MC for safety... An MC that she hated, the very reason she’d lost the love of her life almost 5 years ago. Talon had been in her heart buried deep, best forgotten. She still loved him, but if she was staring right into his eyes, could she hide that fact along with another secret she hid.

She made the call…