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I wear more than one hat for my club, one is for when the brothers needs someone to watch their backs. My shoulders are broad enough to make a difference at times and the other skill is my IT knowledge. There are several of us that can fill in there, I’m just one of the many and that’s okay with me. I go where my brothers need me the most.

But when Jackal finds the truth about what happened to his brother and his family, the puzzle pieces are beginning to come together and that’s not as good as you might think. There has been a threat we never knew about out there and time is running out to stop it. We need to figure out what it all means before the final countdown begins and time is not on our side.

It all began when Ragen came to us with a message from who we thought was a dead man years before… Before this is all over, we’ll get a visit from more of the old gang and their message will cut the time we have left to figure things out even shorter.

Then we find a woman in the wrong place at the wrong time, or is she?


Just before shit hit the fan, my dad sent me on a crazy quest. I had to find some military friends of his to give them a message and a package from him. He made me promise I would follow through and personally had these things over to them.

I no more than got out of the house when I see a team of men move in, then I heard gunshots. I wanted to go back but I could still hear my dad’s words echoing in my head. I couldn’t help him but I could get his last wish done.

I thought I got away clean but now, I think “they” found me. Whoever they are, they don’t want me to get to my dad’s friends. I refuse to let them silence me or get in my way. My dad gave me a mission and by God, I’m going to get it done.

Then I meet a man named Tank…