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Time is running out for my brothers and me. We know Venom is coming back to claim what he thinks is his. He’s lost too much to give up now. And we’ve lost too much to quit and just hand everything we’re fighting for over to him. We’re fighting for our very lives here.

We have found the Triad’s gold but the rest of it? We don’t even know who it belongs to.

Then “she” finds us and we don’t know the first thing about her but she knows all about us. Especially about Slammer but he knows nothing about her at all.

Her timing couldn’t be worse, she and Venom come back at the same time, now she’ll either live or die with us and we still don’t know who she really is… but she’s mine.


When I was four I was told my mother died. I went to live with my grandparents  and for the next fourteen years I was blamed for her death every single day.  They hated me for some reason.

When I was eighteen, I found my grandparents had lied to me all these years. Someone sent me an old diary of my mom's.  My mom hadn’t died when I was four, my grandparents stole me from her.  They kicked her out for loving my father.

I knew then what I had to do. I had to find my family. Leaving behind the only family I knew was freeing somehow. I packed my bags and I left the farm where they kept me as a prisoner

I set out to find my mom.

What I found instead were two graves. My parents died a long time ago, then someone told me I still had family out there. I just had to find him.

But I came at the wrong time, all hell was breaking loose and I was about to be caught in the crossfire.