The New Brotherhood Single

The New Brotherhood Single

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700 Pages Of Intrigue, Lust and Murder.

A killer… being chased by a woman who wants…..needs justice for her sister. Only she finds he is not just one killer, he has brothers and those brothers are all the same type of killer. A Brotherhood of Serial Killers?

Yet, Rheta Morgan finds this to be true in her efforts to hunt him down.

Sean Carter is right at her side. A man she had fallen for years ago, but refuses to give him more as she doesn’t have room in her life for something tangible. Only this hunt, only this quest.

Then Rheta learns that Sean may be part of it all.  Nothing is as it seemed. Who can she trust?

Then finally, after a three years, she finds this Prophet, her sister's murderer.

In a bid for revenge for the annihilation of the brotherhood, a group of assassins called The Covenant want to take out  Sean and Rheta.

The couple survives the first attempt on their lives but Sean’s mother and sister aren’t as lucky. Sean goes after the only thing they care about, the money that runs the New Brotherhood.

Can they survive coming up against such an evil force? A literal army of psychotic, emotionless murderers?