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Twelve years ago, I lost the one woman in the world for me alone, she was my soulmate. But she didn’t go willingly. She was taken from me by force, both her and our daughter. The signs told us that maybe she betrayed our MC, but I don’t know if I ever really believed it. Not deep down in my heart

I closed myself off and kept looking for her, for them but twelve years later they were still out here and I didn’t know if they were dead or alive. Then fate stepped in and my daughter came home, but she came home alone, without knowing who she really was.

As her story unfolded, I knew a rage in my soul so great I wanted to kill those who’d hurt them. My woman had been out there running for too long. I vowed to do whatever it took to clear the path and bring her back to me. Then crazy in the form of den of snakes invade my MC, bringing both good news and bad but a plan is formed.

Then under the protection of another bunch of riders, my woman comes barreling in through my gates. After twelve long lost years, my woman is back, safe behind the walls of my MC. Back in my arms, I can only imagine what she’s been through, but she has more than one surprise for me. Now I just have to keep her here.


I was living the dream. I had a damn good man and a family, then it was all ripped away from me. Blood stained my hands and my daughter was gone but I did what I had to do to survive. I vowed to get my dream back. Thunder was my safe zone I needed him like I needed air to breathe.

Then I found I had a small piece of Thunder with me. One that gave me hope I might be able to have my dream back one day. I knew I would return home again someday, I just had to live long enough to find my way back.

I left behind messages for those that might be out there looking for me and someone read them. But I still had a secret that someone was willing to kill for and I didn’t want to die.

I fought to get back to my man and then the day came, I raced home just ahead of the hunters, the real question was would I get there in time? Would he be waiting for me? Would he even let me in and welcome us home again? I needed to know, time was running out….