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I put my trust in Tracker....


We’re tracking a dangerous man, a drug dealer/designer. Everyone on the street knows him as Brody Mike but we found out Brody Mike doesn’t exist. His real name was Hunter Delacorte and they followed him all the way home.

Why he was here wasn’t hard to figure out, he was running from some very unhappy gangsters, not only in Louisiana but in Texas as well. His last designer drug hadn’t worked out so well for him. Fifteen people died taking it, but Hunter didn’t care. His dealers did however, so he had to run to survive.

So they were here to take him back and stand a tribunal, at least that was their plan until she showed up. Now they have to get her to safety before Hunter figures out she’s there. Can they do it? Or will her stubbornness cost them more than they realize?


I lost my mom more than half my life ago and had no other relatives. so I went into the system. I couldn’t wait to age out. Then years later, I got a letter from an attorney saying I inherited property and money from my grandparents. Grandparents, I didn’t even know I had.

But if I had grandparents did that mean I also had a dad? Why hadn’t he come forward when my mom died? Why didn’t she ever tell me about him? So many questions and no way to find the answers. Then they showed up…

The Crimson Tide MC. I didn’t know them, or anything about them, so why would I believe the charges they made about the man they claimed was my father?

When I meet my dad face to face, I believe them. Something in his eyes tells me, he never wanted me, never loved me, and would just as soon see me dead.

What do I do now? Trust in strangers? I don’t have a choice anymore, not if I want to live that is. I put my trust in Tracker and I pray he won’t let me get dead I guess…