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Layers of an onion- you take the first off and there always another layer underneath- the second on is just a little stronger than the first but that’s just how life is isn’t it? The second layer is going to take more to deal with it. We started this war and we can’t stop now. It’s do or die time

Some new friends of mine and I shut down one layer of a threat against this nation and just as we did, we discovered another layer under the first. This layer we found had been around a long time but stayed out of the limelight. Sneaking around, getting men and provisions set up for their own doomsday scenario.

My group hooked up with The Ghost Riders as our common interest crossed over, then the Warlords got wind of what we were doing, and they wanted in too. Then we found the Silver Warriors are linked in too. We all join forces and become one strong unit to dig these lousy bastards out of hiding.

Then I find her in the line of fire and I can’t let them get to her. One look in her eyes and I know I found something I’ve been missing until now. I have a very dark past, some say I will go to hell for all that I’ve done. Do I deserve redemption? Can I receive it in her eyes?

When the bad guys come after her I’ll be damned if I let them get her, she belongs to me. I will fight to protect her. I will die to give her a chance to live.


I lost my two older brothers to this group, then I lost my dad when they came after him. I watched as they gunned him down in the streets. They damn near got my little brother too. They left him broken and bleeding in the shadows.

So I went after the group. I watched them and learned what I could about what they were doing. I had to find a weakness so I could stop them. Then I made a mistake and almost got caught.

My rescuer saved me from death but wouldn’t let me go. Did I trade one cell for another? His cell was strong arms and a piece of heaven but I had a fight to win didn’t I? Could I give up my fight for him? Would he even want me too? All I know is I can’t let him go. It could cost me my life but I can’t walk away from him.