Venom-Ghostriders MC#4-Single

Venom-Ghostriders MC#4-Single

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Just when we think we’ve got the Thorn’s right where we want them, they throw us another firecracker. We might be tracking them down but then we find they are tracking us and this time, we didn’t find the tracker until we got back to our own compound. We barely have time to close down the mountain to keep them out. Ole Joe had certain safety guards installed to always keep the mountain safe.

The one person that does manage to follow us home gets caught and we find out he’s with the Thorn group, but he claims that’s not why he came, he came after the girl we saved. We have to find which of he’s telling the truth before we move on. Then we find that someone did get through the barriers Joe set up and he’s an old friend of Shay’s. A man named Archer but Shoney knows him too, and she has reason to doubt him.

Will her mistrust carry over to our group or can Archer justify what he’s been doing for the last fifteen years?


I have reason to hate the Thorn group with all my being. First, they take my mom, then I’ve had to run and hide for my whole life. Until the Thorn group finds me and snatches me right out of my bed. Then Venom and his men saved me from a fate worse than death.

When my dad shows up after tracking me, they take him prisoner until they can talk to him. Next, a man who was sent to watch over me when I was little, shows up and I find out he’s a friend of Shay’s, but he betrayed me and the last thing I want to do is ever talk to him again.

I may not trust anyone after what’s happened to me but it’s obvious that I can trust the Ghost Riders. Due to Archer and my supposed father, I may have to leave to feel safe again. But I really don’t want to do. I cannot leave Venom behind. I need him as much as I need air to breathe.