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Viktor leads the most powerful and deadliest team in the world. Their job is to Hand out Justice to those who have broken the rules in the Russian mob. They plan, perform and execute takedowns. Takedowns of businesses and lives in the name of the Bratva.
This project takes him and his Nomads to America, where they track down a Human Trafficker,Teagan Averin, a man who has gotten away with heinous crimes for more than twenty-five years. Judged by the Bratva Council as a man marked for death.
When they takedown the MC aiding Averin, Viktor finds more than he expected... A girl nearly dead, Frankie. He and his team extract her and her sister Galen then burn the MC to the ground and take out all the members inside.
When he rescues this Frankie, she has untold secrets and answers that would provide the team with intel towards their goal. However, he finds he cannot resist her. in fact, he doesn't even try, he claims her and has to fight her father in order to be with her.
They then go up against the cartel and Averin's organization with the aid of an American team.

Can Viktor keep his goal in mind, keep his focus for his job while Frankie is in mortal danger?