Wiley-Special Edition Paperback

Wiley-Special Edition Paperback

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Together we will stand… nothing will ever change that.


Here I was thinking because I was a man, I didn’t need anyone to watch my back but she was there the night I was ambushed.

She was my guardian angel that night and many nights to come. She moved in the shadows because she had secrets to keep.

Secrets...I didn’t know about until it was almost too late.

She loved me enough to give me up and disappear to stop an open war from coming to Troy, but by then it was too late, I couldn’t give her up.

Let her enemies come for her, if and when they do, they won’t find her alone, waiting for them. I would take a bullet for her but I would kill for her as well. She belongs to me now and nothing will ever come between us.


I came to him with ghosts from my past--ghosts I couldn’t seem to shake. Ghosts that wanted me dead.

I saw something I shouldn’t have, something I had to run from in order to keep breathing.

Then I saw someone hurt him, a man I never saw before. I hid him and cared for him then tried to give him back to his MC.

But he wouldn’t let me disappear. He said I belonged to him now and he would protect me from my ghosts.

As much as I wanted him, I couldn’t take the chance they would find me and destroy everything I cared about. I had to let him go but he wouldn’t leave me. What’s a girl to do? Stand beside him, I guess.