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Things are heating up in the battle between Odin’s MC and ours. The timeline has been jacked up and Dixie gave us more than enough to work on. We also get a visit from an MC that is highly revered among the ranks of Clubs

I wasn’t the only one in Brothers Of Chaos who knows this group. They have come to us for a reason—the missing rods. The prez of this club told us he had help figuring things out. A hacker known as Angel. He knew I might be able to find her and I did.

But I wasn’t the only one looking for her. I had to find her first and get her safely under our protection.


I knew when I stumbled on an old file I was in trouble but I couldn’t stay away. Then I found a conspiracy that was still being played out. Next thing I know— someone is watching me.

I reached out to the cyber world I was comfortable in for help and I got a hit. Then I got hacked by a hacker better than myself. He offered me a safe place and I took a chance. I knew I couldn’t stay where I was.

Putting all my trust in someone named Wizard was huge for me. I didn’t trust anyone. But he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

But the man who was watching me followed me to where Wizard waited for me. He tried to stop us from meeting, but Wizard kept his promise. When the smoke cleared, Wizard was wounded.

The risks just doubled but I hope Wizard can keep his promises. I know I can help his club if we can make it back to his compound alive that is.